Who are The Mavericks?

We are a bunch of people really interested in software development. We work, because coding for client projects is an extension of our individual pursuits in those technologies.

We are committed to being lifelong students, who love experimenting with code.

We are located all over the world, with our machines as our offices.

We believe in quality coding, instead of sitting 9 hours-a-day on a project. A typical work day at The Mavericks is 4 hours client-side coding, 1 hour learning and documenting the learning through a blog, whitepaper or demo code, and 1 hour meeting with the team/client.

We have amongst us – freelancers too. They are the code whizs who have a fancy title in their day jobs and work with The Mavericks to answer their true calling – quest for the best code!

Why the name?

Ever see Top Gun? Each squadron member, as we like to call our team-mates, is a Maverick a la Tom Cruise in the movie.

What positions are open?

As of April 2016, freelance/contract based positions for :

  1. JAVA developer (Web backend)
  2. Android developer
  3. iOS developer
  4. HTML/Cross-platform developer
  5. UI/UX designer
  6. Software Tester

At The Mavericks, more than your experience, your present skills and your ability to grasp your preferred branch of code matters. Since we are a startup, we need freshers and experienced squadron members alike. Please write to