Why is it wise to give up jargon with non-technical clients

Why is it wise to give up jargon with non-technical clients

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We are programmers. We have our own language. Like surgeons, lawyers, accountants, have theirs.

Mostly, these professionals explain their findings and solutions in layman terms to us. Would you rather they speak in their terms, which are harder to grasp than Greek and Latin?

Buzz words are the latest trend in software development – cloud computing, big data, IoT. These serve the initial purpose of enticing the client. This proves that you work on cutting edge technologies.

When it comes to sitting at the table and giving an idea to the client of how you plan to achieve their goals, our language (jargon for them) is of little use. When asking queries, simplify. Remember your family physician explaining you your blood reports!

Instead of asking what is your hosting environment? Ask : Where do you store your data?

Jargon makes you looks sophisticated, but simple talk closes deals. Use all the jargon you want, within your team and on your technical blog!

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